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This is about getting rid of uncontrolled thought-process. Unless it is needed thought has to be calm. Just as a part of your body in action, thoughts consume energy. Imagine your body bumping around like your thoughts. You would be wasted within a short perod of time. Getting to this point needs practice just as any other aspect in your life. Desease happens when your body lacks energy to care for himselfe.

A campaign created for cancer awareness.

There may be some exeptions, but in most cases this desease is a result of long-term lack of awareness and abuse of the human body.

The key of this campeign is to show how the knowledge and experience of the own system affects the general health and well-being.

There are three principal aspects which helped me getting in a deeper experience of myselfe. Those are well known and support prevention just like aftercare.


This is about diet. Unfortunately this became a religon like belief. There is no right diet unlike you have learned to listen to what your body tells you.

If your food is as fresh, unprocessed and as colored as possible your body will have the full potential to care for himselfe. Just learn to feel which reactions different types of food cause to your body.


This is about becoming aware of the capability of the body. Observe what physical stress causes in the diferent parts of the body and how you can built up resistance. If you really are having sensations of the different aspects motivation will never be an issue. Find your way in cooperation with yourselfe, not inspired by externally manipulated thoughts.

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